Gujarat Technological University has set up the Graduate School of Smart Cities Development so that a resource center for the nation can be created which understands the requirement of the cities and citizens and helps in the smart development by producing required resources. The School will work for Capacity Building, Training Courses, Research, Consultancy etc. to act as an effective resource center for Smart Cities Development

Vision of GSSCD

“To become a national resource center in smart cites development by developing as a point of confluence for Industry, Academia and Government and help developing policies and plans at various Governmental levels.”

Objectives of GSSCD

To achieve the vision of becoming a focal point for smart development in India, the objectives of the school are laid out into three different groups.

Academic Objectives

  • One year full time post graduate diploma course on smart cities development.
  • Conducting short certificate courses on related topics for developing skilled workforce.
  • E-courses on various aspects of organization of and life in smart cities.

Research Objectives

  • To work with universities and research institutions across the globe to develop new technologies.
  • To conduct research on the requirements of the city and citizens and help determine the best of technologies being used across the world in collaboration with GSSCD RESEARCH PARTNERS.
  • To develop strategies for development, which enhances cultural strength of our diverse society in the area, where the smart city is located.

Consulting & Advisory Objectives

  • Organizing Seminars / workshops /symposium in India.
  • Capacity building and training by training municipal engineers and managers, government officers and industrial workers, required for smart cities.
  • Advisory functions to government and industry.
  • Techno management consultancy

Vision Document of GTU Graduate School of Smart Cities Development

Board of Advisors Committee for GTU-GSSCD

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